The Future of E-commerce

Patrik Müller

Patrik Muller
Hør Patrik Müllers speak: Aarhus – 26. juni 2019

Consumers are digitizing at an ever faster pace, which places completely new demands on anyone who wants to sell to them. Patrik Müller from DIBS shows the requirements the consumers place, and points to a number of future trends in online shopping.

He will also show how to adapt to local consumers shopping preferences that can make all the difference for being perceived trustworthy when selling online. He will also take a look on why consumers cancel purchases and give you advice to handle those situations. And of course – what are the consumers favorites and must haves in the different countries when it comes to payment methods.

Om Patrik Müller

E-commerce Expert


Patrik Müller has more than 15 years of experience in helping online merchants with efficient payment solutions in the Nordic and European market. He is an e-commerce expert at DIBS and a frequent speaker in the Nordic e-commerce industry.

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