Identity Resolution: The Key To Personal Engagement

Ian Pilborough

Ian Pilborough

Creating a true ‘customer-at-the-centre’ approach to business is key in delivering relevant, personalised experiences across online and offline channels. Having an agile identity resolution strategy in place is critical to achieving this type of experience, yet many are unsure on how to drive such a powerful and personalised consumer engagements.

Join Ian Pilborough, Senior Solutions Consultant at Tealium EMEA, and learn how to:

  • Leverage data to fuel more meaningful customer experiences
  • Drive customer centricity with digital transformation
  • Implement the 4 key strategies for strategic identity resolution
  • Achieve a deterministic identity resolution strategy with Tealium

Om Ian Pilborough

Solutions Consultant


As a Solutions Consultant at Tealium, Ian Pilborough aids the growth of the company’s partner network and provides guidance to customers, allowing them to unlock the full potential of their data.

Ian, having joined Tealium after a successful career at Oracle as a Product Evangelist, is now based in the UK, near Tealium’s rapidly growing EMEA HQ in Reading. He now passionately promotes the process of breaking down data silos, orchestrating data well and creating efficient data supply chains.

For Ian there isn’t a problem in the modern world that cannot be solved with better data, which most people already have, they simply lack the ability to unlock it.



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