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Alexander Bard

alexander bard
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Swedish cyberphilosopher Alexander Bard draws the bigger perspective and explores how the intelligent extraction of value from massive data clouds is absolute key to the development of the products and services of the future.

You are in for quite a show with Alexanders speak, when he adress highly exciting issues regarding the future consumers and communicators:

  • Who will be the Cultural Engineers and the Network Curators who best understand the interaction between humans and technology?
  • Who will be best suited and positioned to look for and find the real value in collected data, so as to improve people’s daily lives by suddenly knowing rather than guessing where customers – and even more so co-creators – are located in their current life-worlds?
  • Which platforms would create true value and meaning for customers and co-creators in solving their day-to-day problems and provide them with good infotainment – knowledge, meaning and excitement – in their lives?

Om Alexander Bard

Keynote Speaker, Cyber philosopher and Music producer

Do you think he looks familiar? Alexander Bard was a singer in / the brains behind the world famous band Army of Lovers. And for several years he has been in the Swedish jury for the television show Idol.

But Alexander Bard is also a Swedish cyber philosopher, music producer and highly sought-after international speaker. Along with media theorist, Jan Söderqvist, he is co-author of the globally successful The Futurica Trilogy – a series of three books which have been translated into over 20 languages.

Alexander Bard has given lectures on the philosophical, sociological and economic implications of the internet revolution since the late 1990s.

Throughout his career, he has been a fundamental force in creating the Swedish music export sensation – making Sweden the world’s biggest per capita music exporter – and promoting a deeper understanding of the full dramatic effects of the information technology revolution (Sweden being the home of The Pirate movement, SoundCloud and Spotify).

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