SEO split testing

Dominic Woodman

Dominic Woodman
Hør Dominic Woodmans speak: Aarhus – 26. juni 2019

How a year of SEO split testing changed how I thought SEO worked

If you asked a UX professional whether users prefer one image or two on a blog post, they’d tell you to test it — trying to double guess users is foolish.
Yet for many companies SEO has no testing at all, just endless reams of best practice and hand waving. Last year I changed role and got the chance to treat SEO differently, running over 50 tests across different websites.
I want to share where what has worked, what hasn’t and most importantly how you need to be thinking about SEO in 2019.

Om Dominic Woodman

Senior Digital Consultant


Dominic is a senior digital consultant at Distilled, with a background in full stack web development, maths & economics. He’s worked with companies of all sizes from Fortune 10 to small start-ups and writes and speaks regularly.

He’s also the founder of teflSearch, a job site for teaching English abroad. Based in London, he makes things, breaks things and automates as much as possible. (And really loves Bruce Springteen.)

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